June 10, 2005 - Volume 19 - Issue 9
pp: 847-994
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Soluble HIV-1 gp120 enhances HIV-1 replication in non-dividing CD4+ T cells, mediated via cell signaling and Tat cofactor overexpression

Missé, Dorothée; Gajardo, Johanna; Oblet, Christelle; More

AIDS . 19(9):897-905, June 10, 2005.

Carotid artery intima–media thickness and HIV infection: traditional risk factors overshadow impact of protease inhibitor exposure

Currier, Judith S; Kendall, Michelle A; Zackin, Robert; More

AIDS . 19(9):927-933, June 10, 2005.

Concise Communication

TMC114/ritonavir substitution for protease inhibitor(s) in a non-suppressive antiretroviral regimen: a 14-day proof-of-principle trial

Arastéh, Keikawus; Clumeck, Nathan; Pozniak, Anton; More

AIDS . 19(9):943-947, June 10, 2005.

Association between highly active antiretroviral therapy and hypertension in a large cohort of men followed from 1984 to 2003

Seaberg, Eric C; Muñoz, Alvaro; Lu, Ming; More

AIDS . 19(9):953-960, June 10, 2005.

Concise Communication

Editorial Comment

Molecular epidemiology and KSHV K1 subtypes in a Cuban AIDS-Kaposi's sarcoma population

Kouri, Vivian; Liang, Xiaozhen; Rodriguez, Maria Elena; More

AIDS . 19(9):984-987, June 10, 2005.