September 26, 2003 - Volume 17 - Issue 14
pp: F23-F32,2015-2148
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Envelope diversity, coreceptor usage and syncytium-inducing phenotype of HIV-1 variants in saliva and blood during primary infection

Freel, Stephanie A; Fiscus, Susan A; Pilcher, Christopher D; More

AIDS . 17(14):2025-2033, September 26, 2003.

Efficacy of secondary isoniazid preventive therapy among HIV-infected Southern Africans: time to change policy?

Churchyard, Gavin J; Fielding, Katherine; Charalambous, Salome; More

AIDS . 17(14):2063-2070, September 26, 2003.

Concise Communication

Interventional cardiovascular procedures among HIV-infected individuals on antiretroviral therapy 1995–2000

Braitstein, Paula; Yip, Benita; Heath, Katherine V; More

AIDS . 17(14):2071-2075, September 26, 2003.

Changing patterns of knowledge, reported behaviour and sexually transmitted infections in a South African gold mining community

Williams, Brian G; Taljaard, Dirk; Campbell, Catherine M; More

AIDS . 17(14):2099-2107, September 26, 2003.