December 6, 2002 - Volume 16 - Issue 18
pp: 2373-2503
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Correlation between breadth of memory HIV-specific cytotoxic T cells, viral load and disease progression in HIV infection

Chouquet, Cécile; Autran, Brigitte; Gomard, Elisabeth; More

AIDS . 16(18):2399-2407, December 6, 2002.

Concise Communications

Expansion of pre-terminally differentiated CD8 T cells in chronic HIV-positive patients presenting a rapid viral rebound during structured treatment interruption

D'Offizi, Gianpiero; Montesano, Carla; Agrati, Chiara; More

AIDS . 16(18):2431-2438, December 6, 2002.

Concise Communications

Epidemiological trends of HIV infection in Spain: preventative plans have to be oriented to new target populations (Spanish VACH Cohort)

Suárez-Lozano, Ignacio; Fajardo, José M; Garrido, Myriam; More

AIDS . 16(18):2496-2499, December 6, 2002.