January 25, 2002 - Volume 16 - Issue 2
pp: N1-N2,135-305
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Persistent HIV-1-specific cellular responses despite prolonged therapeutic viral suppression

Appay, Victor; Hansasuta, Pokrath; Sutton, Julian; More

AIDS . 16(2):161-170, January 25, 2002.

Amplification of low-frequency antiviral CD8 T cell responses using autologous dendritic cells

Larsson, Marie; Wilkens, David T.; Fonteneau, Jean-François; More

AIDS . 16(2):171-180, January 25, 2002.

Concise Communications

Concise Communication

Increase in condom use and decline in HIV and sexually transmitted diseases among female sex workers in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, 1991–1998

Ghys, Peter D.; Diallo, Mamadou O.; Ettiègne-Traoré, Virginie; More

AIDS . 16(2):251-258, January 25, 2002.