October 22, 1999 - Volume 13 - Issue 15
pp: 101-2190

Original Papers

HIV-specific immunity following immunization with HIV synthetic envelope peptides in asymptomatic HIV-infected patients

Pinto, Ligia A.; Berzofsky, Jay A.; Fowke, Keith R.; More

AIDS . 13(15):2003-2012, October 22, 1999.

Enhanced HIV infectivity and changes in GP120 conformation associated with viral incorporation of human leucocyte antigen class I molecules

Cosma, Antonio; Blanc, Dominique; Braun, Josephine; More

AIDS . 13(15):2033-2042, October 22, 1999.

Original Papers

Original Papers

Relative risks and population attributable fraction of incident HIV associated with symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and treatable symptomatic sexually transmitted...

Gray, Ronald H.; Wawer, Maria J.; Sewankambo, Nelson K.; More

AIDS . 13(15):2113-2123, October 22, 1999.

Frequent detection of HIV-1 in the gastric aspirates of neonates born to HIV-infected mothers

Mandelbrot, Laurent; Burgard, Marianne; Teglas, Jean-Paul; More

AIDS . 13(15):2143-2149, October 22, 1999.

Decreased morbidity and use of hospital services in English HIV-infected individuals with increased uptake of anti-retroviral therapy 1996-1997

Beck, Eduard J.; Mandalia, Sundhiya; Williams, Ian; More

AIDS . 13(15):2157-2164, October 22, 1999.

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