Articles by Tom Lutalo

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Mortality trends in the era of antiretroviral therapy: evidence from the Network for Analysing Longitudinal Population based HIV/AIDS data on Africa (ALPHA)

Reniers, Georges; Slaymaker, Emma; Nakiyingi-Miiro, Jessica; More

AIDS. 28:S533-S542, November 2014.

Survival of HIV-infected treatment-naive individuals with documented dates of seroconversion in Rakai, Uganda

Lutalo, Tom; Gray, Ronald H; Wawer, Maria; More

AIDS. 21:S15-S19, November 2007.

Time from HIV seroconversion to death: a collaborative analysis of eight studies in six low and middle-income countries before highly active antiretroviral therapy

Todd, Jim; Glynn, Judith R; Marston, Milly; More

AIDS. 21:S55-S63, November 2007.

Stochastic simulation of the impact of antiretroviral therapy and HIV vaccines on HIV transmission; Rakai, Uganda

Gray, Ronald H; Li, Xianbin; Wawer, Maria J; More

AIDS. 17(13):1941-1951, September 5th, 2003.

HIV incidence and sexually transmitted disease prevalence associated with condom use: a population study in Rakai, Uganda

Ahmed, Saifuddin; Lutalo, Tom; Wawer, Maria; More

AIDS. 15(16):2171-2179, November 9th, 2001.

Male circumcision and HIV acquisition and transmission: cohort studies in Rakai, Uganda

Gray, Ronald H.; Kiwanuka, Noah; Quinn, Thomas C.; More

AIDS. 14(15):2371-2381, October 20th, 2000.

Mortality associated with HIV infection in rural Rakai District, Uganda

Sewankambo, Nelson K.; Gray, Ronald H.; Ahmad, Saifuddin; More

AIDS. 14(15):2391-2400, October 20th, 2000.

Relative risks and population attributable fraction of incident HIV associated with symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and treatable symptomatic sexually transmitted...

Gray, Ronald H.; Wawer, Maria J.; Sewankambo, Nelson K.; More

AIDS. 13(15):2113-2123, October 22nd, 1999.

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