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Long-term HIV-specific responses and delayed resumption of antiretroviral therapy after peptide immunization targeting dendritic cells

Kran, Anne-Marte Ba; Sørensen, Birgerb; Sommerfelt, Maja Ab; Nyhus, Jørgenb; Baksaas, Ingebjørgc; Kvale, Daga

doi: 10.1097/
Research Letters

Long-term HIV-specific immune responses and clinical outcomes were evaluated in HIV-infected patients previously immunized with p24-like peptides (Vacc-4x) targeting dendritic cells (DC). Vacc-4x-induced cellular immune responses were unchanged 1.5 years after completing immunization, and 62% were still off combined antiretroviral treatment (CART). The magnitude of early Vacc-4x responses determined whether the resumption of CART was clinically indicated 2 years after enrolment. These observations encourage further exploration of both Vacc-4x and other HIV peptide-based immunization regimens targeting DC.

aUllevål University Hospital, University of Oslo, Department of Infectious Diseases, NO-0407 Oslo, Norway

bBionor Immuno, NO-3703 Skien, Norway

cMericon, NO-3703 Skien, Norway.

Received 9 September, 2005

Revised 5 October, 2005

Accepted 17 November, 2005

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