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Editors' Remarks

  Editor Karen Sue Hoyt


 Editor Jean A. Proehl

 Editor Karen Sue Hoyt


Editor Jean A. Proehl 

Editors' Remarks


Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners!


The newly formed American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AAENP) has adopted the AENJ as their official journal. Both AENJ and the AAENP seek to promote high quality, evidence-based care so this relationship is a natural fit. There are many opportunities for collaboration and mutual gain which will translate into improved resources for ENPs and improved care for patients.

Members will have free on-line access to AENJ as a benefit of membership and may also subscribe the print journal at a deeply discounted rate.  AAENP Founder, Elda Ramirez, is a long-time AENJ board member and AENJ Editor, K. Sue Hoyt, is now an AAENP board member so our collegial relationship is well established.

If you're an ENP who doesn't already belong to AAENP, you can see what you're missing at www.aaenp-natl.org.

Sue and Jean

Online Editor's Suggestions

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How to Use a Magnet for Pacemakers + ICDs – CORE EM – Vimeo

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Clinical Tips from AENJ

#175 The Goose; does it have a purpose?

Everyone fears "the goose." It is ignominy and shame to put an ET tube in the "esopha-goose." Actually, it's only ignominy and shame to have an unrecognized esophageal intubation. Not fixing it in time is "a clean kill." An example of satiric "gallows humor" is Gomer Blog's "Updated 2015 Trauma Airway Algorithm" By Doktor Schnabel - June 17, 2014, for surely, "tracheal vomiting syndrome" is horrific.

Follow @jducanto on Twitter; his work on #SALAD is to use simulation of a massively soiled airway. There are many discussions on simulating and training for airways filled with copious emesis or bleeding.

One old trick found effective and useful is intubating the esophagus (whether accidental or deliberate) leaving the tube in, and inflating the cuff, as a diversion for emesis keeping it out of the airway and permitting decompression of the stomach. This can be done preemptively in high-risk situations, or to allow decontamination of the pharynx and better laryngoscopy. 

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