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Psychological Well-Being of Cambodian Women in Resettlement

Catolico, Olivia RN, MS

Advances in Nursing Science:
Recovery and Rehabilitation

Current literature focuses on immediate needs of refugees as they flee acute crises.However, the search for refuge extends beyond immediate migration. Refugees confront many issues in resettlement. The experience of traumatic pain and multiple losses coupled with the struggle for survival in a foreign community places them at risk for diminished health and psychological well-being. The notion of recovery extends to the period of resettlement. It is imperative that nursing professionals examine assumptive biases that hinder the care and recovery of refugees. This article seeks to heighten professional awareness about issues that confront Cambodian women in resettlement by examining these biases.

Author Information

Doctoral Candidate, Hahn School of Nursing, University of San Diego, San Diego, California; Associate Chief, Nursing Service Education VA Medical Center, Loma Linda, California.

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