​Future Topics​​

Crime, Justice and Health
Vol 41:2 - June 2018
Manuscript Due Date: October 15, 2017 
In the past several years, there is widespread recognition that cultural and political responses to crime, and standards of justice, are powerful factors that shape the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, societies, and  governments. For this issue of ANS we are seeking nursing scholarship that addresses the complex factors related to crime and justice.  We welcome scholarly manuscripts that report research, theory, or philosophic analysis that contribute to nursing perspectives.  Manuscripts can explore these issue from the standpoint of perpetrators, victims, or those who govern the systems of justice in societies worldwide. ​

ANS General Topics
Vol 41:3 -   September 2018
Manuscripts considered any time
Manuscripts submitted as "ANS General Topic" are expected to address the purposes of ANS, which are to advance the development of nursing knowledge and to promote the integration of nursing philosophies, theories and research with practice. We expect high scholarly merit and innovative, cutting edge ideas that contribute to the evolution of the discipline of nursing. We encourage works that speak to global sustainability and that take an intersectional approach recognizing gender, color, class, sexual and gender identity and other dimensions of human experience related to health. We expect that manuscripts will challenge prior assumptions and present new, intellectually provocative perspectives. Manuscripts can be based on any methodology, including scholarly inquiry/research, critical, philosophic and theoretic analysis/synthesis, integrative reviews, and original exploration of diverse approaches to creating nursing knowledge. ​​​​

Emancipatory Nursing
Vol 41:4 -  December 2018
Manuscript due date: April 15, 2018 
Emancipatory approaches to nursing research and practice have escalated in the context of major political and cultural upheavals worldwide. Emancipatory approaches include critical, feminist, poststructural and post colonial approaches, or any aproach with an explicite purpose to create social and political change to improve health and well-being. For this issue we seek scholarship that informs emancipatory nursing practice and research. We welcome research reports that use emancipatory methodologies, emancipatory philosophic analyses, critical and feminist critiques of existing discourses and practices, description of and evidence supporting emancipatory nursing practices. ​

The Focus of the Disciplne
Vol 42:1 -  March 2019
Manuscript due date: July 15, 2018 Since the publication of the Newman, Sime and Corcoran-Perry article titled "The Focus on the Discipline of Nursing" in ANS in September, 1991, there has been growing discussion to clarify, amplify and explore not only the definition, but the implications of various interpretations of the focus of the discipline. Over these decades advances in other disciplines and the growing demand for interdisciplinary cooperation have influenced the discussion of nursing's focus and where it fits int he interdisciplinary context. For this issue of ANS, we seek articles that advance these discussions. We welcome articles that reflect empirical or philosophic methodologies. Articles must address the development of nursing knowledge that informs nursing practice, education and research.

Culture, Race and Discrimination in Healthcare
Vol 42:2 -  June 2019
Manuscript due date: October 15, 2018 In the past decade, issues of discrimination based on culture and race have risen to the surface in many countries worldwide, along with a growing nationalist movement that rejects "the other."  In this issue of ANS we seek manuscripts that address these factors as they influence health and well-being of individuals, groups and communities, and the delivery of nursing and heatlhcare in culturally diverse communities.  Articles must address the development of nursing knowledge that informs nursing practice, education and research.