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An Integrative Model for Environmental Health Research

Dixon, Jane K. PhD; Dixon, John P. PhD

Advances in Nursing Science:
Complexity and Context

Environmental health research must achieve an integration of understanding, reaching from physiological research on health effects of toxic agents to actions that people may take, individually and collaboratively, to reduce their risks. This article proposes an integrative model of environmental health, encompassing four broad domains and their interrelationships: physiological, vulnerability, epistemological, and health protection. If we wish to empower communities to make the tough decisions necessary to truly protect the well-being of their most vulnerable members, each domain must be attended to, and links between scientific knowledge and social processes must be understood.

Author Information

Professor; Yale University School of Nursing; New Haven, Connecticut

Political Chair; New Haven Sierra Club; New Haven, Connecticut

The authors express appreciation to Patricia Butterfield, PhD, RN, Professor at Montana State University College of Nursing, for her critique and personal communication regarding this article.

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