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In our editorial this month we raise the question about the proper terminology use around one of the most important aspects of neonatal nursing care, provision and support of human milk feeding. We invite you to read our editorial and join the conversation around whether it matters if we use the term human milk or breast milk. Your input will be important as we continue our discussion on proper terminology.  You will also note the diversity of clinically relevant information to our readers highlighted in this issue.  Clinical interventions topics include manuscripts on diuretic therapy, parental grief, neonatal resuscitation, NRP provider education, safe sleep practices, pain management, and access to human milk. We hope you enjoy this diverse issue!

Multisensory Intervention for Preterm Infants Improves Sucking Organization

An intervention to teach mothers of preterm infants how to interact with their babies more effectively results in better weight gain and growth for the infants. This Advances in Neonatal Care article shows that infants who receive this intervention grow better and also more rapidly develop the muscle control needed for successful feeding.

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Current Issue Highlights

Celebrating 25 years of caring for neonates and their families

Neonatal Resuscitation Program Rolling Refresher: Maintaining Chest Compression Proficiency Through the Use of Simulation-Based Education

Cepeda Brito, Jose R.; Hughes, Patrick G.; Firestone, Kimberly S.; More

Advances in Neonatal Care. 17(5):354-361, October 2017.

A CE special issue supported by an educational grant from Kimberly Clark.
Published October 2016