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From the Editors

From the Editors for 2016(4) –​

Hope your summer is going well? We have some great reading for you in ANC Issue 2016(4) that we believe will impact your practice. For example, are you a fan of Social Media? If so how to use Social Media to share your work or neonatal messages should provide you some good foundational steps. In addition, we have the latest news on the newest NRP guidelines. We also have two different articles on health literacy as well as a QI initiative for the Golden Hour. Please let us know what you think? Enjoy your summer reading! 

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Multisensory Intervention for Preterm Infants Improves Sucking Organization

An intervention to teach mothers of preterm infants how to interact with their babies more effectively results in better weight gain and growth for the infants. This Advances in Neonatal Care article shows that infants who receive this intervention grow better and also more rapidly develop the muscle control needed for successful feeding.

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October 2014, Volume 14, Supplement 5 
October 2014
Volume 14
Supplement 5

Neonatal Transport
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Developmental Care

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Reviewing the Needs of Jaundice Management

October 2010, Volume 10, Supplement 5 
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