Articles by ANDREW J. YOUNG

Inflammation And Hepcidin Responses To Nutritional Supplementation During Load Carriage And Short-term Military Training: 629 Board #1 June 1, 100 PM - 300 PM

Pasiakos, Stefan M.; Margolis, Lee M.; Murphy, Nancy E.; More

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 48(5S):163, May 2016.

Muscle Damage, Inflammatory, And Performance Responses To Submaximal, Metabolically-Matched Load Carriage And Non-Weight Bearing Endurance Exercise: 2938 Board #253 May 29, 200 PM ...

Hydren, Jay R.; McClung, Holly L.; Gonzalez, David A.; More

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 47(5S):805-806, May 2015.