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00005768-200305001-0210400005768_2003_35_s378_ma_polymorphisms_5miscellaneous< 18_0_5_0 >Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise©2003The American College of Sports MedicineVolume 35(5) Supplement 1May 2003p S378THE INITIAL STATUS OF THE MAXIMAL AEROBIC POWER AND FIBRINOGEN POLYMORPHISMS IN HEALTHY CHILDREN[H-13M FREE COMMUNICATION/POSTER GENETICS OF VO2MAX AND ENDURANCE]Ma, L H.1; He, Z H.1; Zhang, W1; Chen, J Q.11Education and Research Center, Tianjin Institute of Physical Education Tianjin ChinaEarlier studies indicated that the initial level of VO2max in middle-aged men was inversely correlated with plasmas fibrinogen concentration that might be associated with fibrinogen genetic polymorphisms. However, to our knowledge, research evidence concerning the association of the initial status of VO2max in young population with fibrinogen genotypes remains scarce.PURPOSEto examine the relationship between the initial status of the maximal aerobic power and fibrinogen polymorphisms in children.METHODSA sample of 74 healthy boys (age: 9.80±0.91) was drawn from a local population in urban area of Tianjin, China. The morphological parameters were assessed based on the standardized protocols. The maximal aerobic power was determined by using a breath-by-breath gas analysis system (Jaeger). Genomic DNA was extracted from buccal cell and fibrinogen polymorphisms (TaqI 800/800 bp, TaqI 800/900 bp and TaqI 900/900 bp) were classified with an established PCR technique.RESULTSfrom the sample, three genotypes were identified: 20.27% in TaqI 800/800 bp, 47.30% in TaqI 800/900 bp and 32.43% in TaqI 900/900 bp. Among the morphological data, BMI (body mass index) was found associated with genetic polymorphisms. The BMI in TaqI 800 bp homozygotes was significantly higher than that in the counterparts of TaqI 900/900 bp(24.79±4.95 vs. 20.99±4.84, P < 0.05). As far as VO2max is concerned, the values in the group of Taq I 800/800 bp was lower than those with the genotype of TaqI 900/900 bp (35.51±7.49 vs. 39.93±6.89, P < 0.05) when the value was expressed as ml/min/kg, but no difference was observed as VO2max expressed either in scaling unit (ml/min/kg2/3) or in lean body weight (LBW) unit (ml/min/LBW).CONCLUSIONThe results of the present study suggested that the initial status of body weight-related VO2max in children associate with fibrinogen genetic polymorphisms.THE INITIAL STATUS OF THE MAXIMAL AEROBIC POWER AND FIBRINOGEN POLYMORPHISMS IN HEALTHY CHILDRENMa, L H.; He, Z H.; Zhang, W; Chen, J Q.H-13M Free Communication/Poster Genetics of Vo2max and Endurance535