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00005768-200305001-0163100005768_2003_35_s293_koesterer_performance_5miscellaneous< 19_0_5_0 >Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise©2003The American College of Sports MedicineVolume 35(5) Supplement 1May 2003p S293THE EFFECTS OF STRENGTH VERSUS ENDURANCE RESISTANCE TRAINING PROGRAMS ON PERFORMANCE OF FEMALE CREW ATHLETES[F-12T FREE COMMUNICATION/POSTER STRENGTH TRAINING]Koesterer, T J.1; Mieggs, R A.1; Hyland, P J.1; Peterson, A J.1; Braithwaite, R1; MacConnie, S E.11Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA(Sponsor: S.L. Dodd, FACSM) (Sponsor: Stephen L. Dodd, FACSM)Traditional resistance training has been used to develop strength and power for explosive anaerobic events such as football, basketball and volleyball. For longer duration aerobic activities such as crew and running there has been limited application of resistance training. Recent evidence suggests there may be benefits to resistance training aerobic endurance activities.PURPOSETo determine if a muscular endurance type resistance training program (END) versus strength and power resistance training program (S&P) would be beneficial during the off-season training of female crew athletes.METHODSSubjects were 20 women's varsity crew athletes (20±1.3 yrs). END group (n=11) completed a progressively increasing repetition program (max=20 reps), while S&P group (n=7) completed a progressively decreasing repetition program (max=3 reps) for six weeks. Pre and Post-Test measurements were taken for 2000-meter ergometer time, aerobic capacity (VO2MAX), blood lactate (LA), muscular strength (1RM) and body composition. All comparisons were made using a MANCOVA with repeated measure, with a level of significance set at α=0.05.RESULTSAlthough all Pre to Post-Test measurements improved, only the bench press demonstrated a significant improvement for the STR group as compared to the END group. Most importantly the 2000-meter ergometer time, VO2MAX, and LA did not demonstrate any greater improvement for the END group as compared to the STR group.CONCLUSIONThe muscular endurance type resistance-training program used in this study did not demonstrate any beneficial effects during the off-season training program of female crew athletes. Supported by Office of Graduate Research, Humboldt State University and the Chancellor's Office, California State University. Grant #1–11463THE EFFECTS OF STRENGTH VERSUS ENDURANCE RESISTANCE TRAINING PROGRAMS ON PERFORMANCE OF FEMALE CREW ATHLETESKoesterer, T J.; Mieggs, R A.; Hyland, P J.; Peterson, A J.; Braithwaite, R; MacConnie, S E.F-12T Free Communication/Poster Strength Training535