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00005768-200305001-0079400005768_2003_35_s143_pierson_reproducibility_5miscellaneous< 20_0_5_1 >Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise©2003The American College of Sports MedicineVolume 35(5) Supplement 1May 2003p S143REPRODUCIBILITY OF CARDIAC OUTPUT IN RAMPING EXERCISE MEASURED BY ACETYLENE SINGLE‐BREATH TECHNIQUE[C-15T FREE COMMUNICATION/POSTER REHABILITATION AND TESTING]Pierson, L M.1; Holm, C D.1; Hawkins, B J.1; Miller, L E.1; Blevins, J S.1; Chittenden, T W.1; Kaleth, A S.1; Herbert, W G. FACSM11Virginia Tech and Health Research Group, Blacksburg, VA(Sponsor: William G. Herbert, FACSM)PURPOSEThis study sought to determine the reproducibility of an acetylene single-breath technique for measuring cardiac output (Qc) at rest and during ramping exercise.METHODSTen (6 men, 4 women) apparently healthy, sedentary volunteers (age:42+8.0;BMI:30.0+5.1) performed four maximal ramping exercise tests on a cycle ergometer over 12 weeks. Cardiac output was measured at rest and during exercise at 55, 100, and 130 W and averaged across the four time points for rest and each workload. A Starling resistor was used to make the disappearance rate of acetylene more uniform during exhalation after breath-holding, facilitating estimation of Qc at higher exercise intensities where production of slow expiratory maneuvers are difficult. Mean coefficient of variation was calculated across subjects for rest and each exercise workload to examine error in proportion to the mean.RESULTSSee table.Table. No Caption AvailableCONCLUSIONSCoefficient of variation for Qc was stable across exercise workloads with the acetylene single-breath technique. These findings are the first to show that this technique yields reproducible measures in serial ramping exercise testing to vigorous intensities. That these data were obtained with middle-aged, sedentary subjects unaccustomed to exercise testing suggests potential for using this technology in clinical assessments. Supported by SensorMedics, a subsidiary of VIASYS Healthcare, Inc.REPRODUCIBILITY OF CARDIAC OUTPUT IN RAMPING EXERCISE MEASURED BY ACETYLENE SINGLE‐BREATH TECHNIQUEPierson, L M.; Holm, C D.; Hawkins, B J.; Miller, L E.; Blevins, J S.; Chittenden, T W.; Kaleth, A S.; Herbert, W G. FACSMC-15T Free Communication/Poster Rehabilitation and Testing535