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00005768-200305001-0066700005768_2003_35_s122_baar_overexpression_5miscellaneous< 19_0_5_0 >Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise©2003The American College of Sports MedicineVolume 35(5) Supplement 1May 2003p S122OVEREXPRESSION OF PGC‐1 IS SUFFICIENT TO INCREASE MUSCLE GLUCOSE UPTAKE AND OXIDATIVE CAPACITY[C-15L FREE COMMUNICATION/POSTER CELLULAR/MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGY OF MUSCLE]Baar, K11University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI(Sponsor: John A. Faulkner, FACSM)The peroxisome proliferator-associated receptor gamma coactivator (PGC)-1 is a transcriptional cofactor that is important in mitochondrial biogenesis and is increased in response to endurance-type exercise.PURPOSEDue to the close relationship between increases in mitochondrial mass and glucose uptake following endurance training, the role of PGC-1 in the regulation of glucose uptake was investigated.METHODSCultured C2C12 myoblasts were transfected with either a control plasmid or a plasmid encoding the PGC-1 cDNA driven by the myosin light chain 2 slow minimal promoter. The cells were differentiated and analyzed 3 days following myotube formation. The metabolic rate of the cells was measured by alamar blue reduction, glucose transport was determined by 2-Deoxyglucose uptake, and Glut4 protein content was determined by western blot.RESULTSOverexpression of PGC-1 in C2C12 cells resulted in a 37% increase in metabolic rate over controls. Both basal and insulin-stimulated glucose transport were increased in cells overexpressing PGC-1 (basal – 38%, insulin-stimulated – 58%). Associated with this increase in glucose transport, in cells overexpressing the PGC-1 cDNA the levels of Glut4 were increased by 46% over cells transfected with control plasmid.CONCLUSIONThe level of PGC-1 within muscle cells is sufficient to determine the capacity of glucose transport. Together with the known function of PGC-1 in controlling mitochondrial biogenesis, we conclude that a single transcription factor is sufficient to coordinate at least two of the metabolic responses of skeletal muscle to endurance training. Supported by DARPA/Navy N66001-02-C-8034 and DARPA/Navy N00173-01-1-G20GOVEREXPRESSION OF PGC‐1 IS SUFFICIENT TO INCREASE MUSCLE GLUCOSE UPTAKE AND OXIDATIVE CAPACITYBaar, KC-15L Free Communication/Poster Cellular/Molecular Physiology of Muscle535