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00005768-200009000-0002400005768_2000_32_1665_overdorf_nutrition_9book-or-media-review< 12_0_1_0 >Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise© 2000 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.Volume 32(9)September 2000p 1665Nutrition in Sport [SPECIAL COMMUNICATIONS: Book Reviews]Overdorf, Virginia EdD, ReviewerSection Editor(s): Berry, Michael J. Ph.D., FACSM, Book Review EditorWilliam Patterson UniversityNutrition in Sport Editor: MAUGHAN, Ronald J., PhDBibliographic Data: (ISBN: 0–632-05094–2, Blackwell Science, Inc., 2000, $125.00) 680 pages, contributors, hard cover Audiences: Exercise Scientists, Nutritionists Subjects: Sports Medicine, Nutrition Other Info: The book contains black-and-white illustrations.DESCRIPTION: This is a comprehensive book on sports nutrition ranging from basic science to sport specific applications that can assist athletes in reaching their full potential. The range of topics by professionals who are outstanding in their area makes this book both impressive and an outstanding resource. Some of the pictures are wonderfully illustrative of particular points. PURPOSE: The main purpose is to provide an encyclopedic approach to the breadth of topics (including the underlying science and its practical applications) that impact performance of the aspiring elite athlete in training and competition. AUDIENCE: This book is targeted for those in the exercise sciences, nutritionists, and dieticians. Additionally, sports physicians and informed coaches and athletes would find it to be an invaluable resource. ASSESSMENT: This book is unique, and the first of its type that I have seen. It will be a useful resource for professionals in many different disciplines. Because it is the first book of its type, there are no grounds for comparison. SCORE: Weighted Numerical Score: 94 - ****Nutrition in Sport Overdorf, Virginia EdD, ReviewerSPECIAL COMMUNICATIONS: Book Reviews932