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00005768-199805001-0118800005768_1998_30_209_torres_lipoprotein_5abstract< 18_0_2_1 >Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise© Williams & Wilkins 1998. All Rights Reserved.Volume 30(5) SupplementMay 1998p 209LIPID AND LIPOPROTEIN PROFILES RELATE TO PEAK AEROBIC POWER AND ANAEROBIC THRESHOLD IN BRAZILIAN PARALYMPICS ATHLETES.[Annual Meeting Abstracts]Torres, F. C.*1; Stella, S. G.*2; Fernandez, A. C.*2; Mello, M. T.**2; Tufic, S.**2; Silva, A. C.*2*Dept. of Physiology,** Dept. Psychobiology, Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil.Supported by AFIP and INDESP-BRAZILAbstract 1188We measured peak oxygen consumption (VO2 peak), ventilatory anaerobic threshold (VAT) and serum triglycerides (TR); total cholesterol(TC), high (HDL) and low (LDL) density lipoprotein cholesterol in 78 (56 men and 22 women) brazilian paralympics athletes, mean (SD) age 27,77 (6,42) yr. VO2 peak and VAT was assessed by a graded exercise test to maximum using arm-crank, treadmill running and wheelchair propulsion on a treadmill, according to disabilities and sport event. Mean (SD) values of VO2 peak and VAT were, respectively, 2,64 (0,95) l.min-1 (VO2 l) or 42,20(12,02) (VO2 kg) and 1,75 (0,74) l.min-1 (VAT 1) or 28,00 (9,8) (VAT kg). Mean (SD) to lipid profile, in mg.dl-1, were: TR 91,49 (53,72); TC 172,86 (34,88); HDL 45,55 (8,35); LDL 109,01 (31,10) and TC/HDL 3,94 (1,14). There weren't significant correlations to the 78 subjects group neither when they were divided to legs or arms exercise test. The table presents the significant inverse (I) or direct(D) relationships to subjects grouped by sex and sport event (Pearson or Spearman correlation tests; p < 0,05).Table. No caption available.Some studies have obtained a lot of significant correlations between lipid profile variables and VO2 peak for active disable and able-bodied persons. Our study confirms some of these correlations and adds the VAT as indices of aerobic fitness that could be related to lipid profile. The absence of more significant correlations described in the literature could be related to the good lipid profile that most of ours disabled athletes presents and also to others influences not controlled in this study.Section DescriptionAmerican College of Sports Medicine 45th Annual Meeting; June 3-6, 1998; Orange County Convention Center; Orlando, FloridaE-31 FREE COMMUNICATION/POSTER PRESENTATION PARALYMPIC ATHLIPID AND LIPOPROTEIN PROFILES RELATE TO PEAK AEROBIC POWER AND ANAEROBIC THRESHOLD IN BRAZILIAN PARALYMPICS ATHLETES.Torres, F. C.; Stella, S. G.; Fernandez, A. C.; Mello, M. T.; Tufic, S.; Silva, A. C.Annual Meeting Abstracts530