Editor-in-Chief: Steven J. Keteyian, PhD, FACSM
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A Note from Editor-in-Chief Steven Keteyian

One of the benefits associated with being the editor of a journal, especially one that covers such a wide array of topics like ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal®, is that it keeps one abreast of the contemporary topics that help shape one's field. I so enjoy reading articles that ‘‘stretch’’ my knowledge of fitness and nutrition, as well as provide a window into the thinking of others.

Consistent with the above, the feature articles found in this issue of the Journal are good examples of innovative thinking and good writing. James Beachemin, M.S.W.; Sandra Facemire, M.S.W.; and Chris McGrath, M.S., present a model that helps the exercise professional incorporate the psychological aspects of wellness. Their article is entitled ‘‘Enhancing Mind-Body Health in the Exercise and Fitness Industry: Incorporating a Mental Skills Model.’’ This article is followed by ‘‘A Weight-Neutral Approach to Health and Fitness Instruction,’’ by Brian Souza, M.S., a topic that remains important for today’s practicing exercise professional.

Our third feature discusses a topic relevant to our aging baby boomer population, ‘‘The Role of Exercise in Preventing Falls Among Older Adults,’’ by Debra J. Rose, Ph.D., FNAK. Finally, Lisa Hoffman, M.S., and Carol Kennedy-Armbruster, Ph.D., provide us with an inside look into workplace wellness in their article entitled ‘‘Case Study Using Best Practice Design Principles for Worksite Wellness Programs.’’

Before closing, I also wanted to address two other points. First, I regretfully share that Mary E. Sanders, Ph.D., FACSM, is stepping down as associate editor and author of the On the Floor column, a task that she has embraced enthusiastically for more than 15 years. Her writings always have been of the highest quality, and her practical contributions to the field immense. My sincere thanks to Mary for her outstanding years of service to ACSM and the Journal.

Second, I recently received a letter from James S. Skinner, Ph.D., FACSM, long-time contributor to the field of health and fitness and past president of ACSM. In his letter, Dr. Skinner pointed out that, in her recent Health and Fitness A to Z column (‘‘The Evolution of Group Fitness,’’ November/December 2014), Cary H. Wing, Ed.D., FACSM, may have conveyed a slight historical inaccuracy relative to group fitness being ‘‘traced back to 1968 when Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., introduced the concept of aerobic exercise.’’ Dr. Skinner simply wished to point out that the concept of group fitness really started to formalize in the United States back in the 1940s when Thomas K. Cureton, Ph.D., was leading exercise classes for faculty at the University of Illinois. Quoting Dr. Skinner, ‘‘He also gave 30 to 40 workshops every year at many YMCAs throughout North America where he would lecture, give fitness tests, and lead group fitness classes. Many YMCAs incorporated his fitness tests and group fitness classes.’’
I so appreciate the reminder of our rich history, as well as the great contributions of Drs. Cooper, Cureton, Skinner, and Wing and the thousands of others who have done so much to advance the field across many decades in both the United States and abroad.

Before closing, I draw your attention to the excellent columns in this issue of the Journal. Many quality writing hours were spent by these authors in service to the Journal. Please take the time to enjoy reading them as much as I did.


Steven J. Keteyian, PhD

Henry Ford Health System


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What type of information would be most useful to you in upcoming "Wouldn't You Like To Know" columns?
What type of information would be most useful to you in upcoming "Wouldn't You Like To Know" columns?
What type of information would be most useful to you in upcoming "Wouldn't You Like To Know" columns?
What type of information would be most useful to you in upcoming "Wouldn't You Like To Know" columns?

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