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Resistance Training for Older Adults: Targeting Muscular Strength, Power, and Endurance

Signorile, Joseph F. Ph.D.

doi: 10.1249/FIT.0b013e3182a06890

LEARNING OBJECTIVE The reader will learn how to apply resistance training to target the specific needs of older individuals. Information will include the application of an assessment/prescription model to resistance training, variations in training techniques to address factors such as strength, power, and endurance, and the concept of evolving training across the intervention period.

Resistance training is an essential tool for maintaining independence and reducing fall probability in older persons. This article examines its use in the context of an assessment/prescription model that addresses the specifi c needs of each individual

Joseph F. Signorile, Ph.D., is a professor of Exercise Physiology at the University of Miami Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences, with a joint appointment at the University of Miami Center on Aging. He has been involved in research using exercise to address independence and fall prevention for more than 20 years, has more than 50 refereed manuscripts, and 175 national and international scientific and 200 industry presentations.

Disclosure: The author declares no conflicts of interest and does not have any financial disclosures.

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