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Aligning Mind and Body: Exploring the Disciplines of Mindful Exercise

La Forge, Ralph M.S.

Features: CEC Self-Test

Learning Objective To understand the historical origins of two classical mindful exercise traditions and their relevance to contemporary mindful exercise programming, to list and describe the essential components common to most forms of mindful exercise programs, and to be knowledgeable of key resources for further information on both classical and contemporary forms of mind-body exercise.

Mindful exercise can complement and serve as an alternative to conventional exercise programming, provided the participant understands the purpose and nature of the mindful exercise modality. This article provides an introduction for fitness professionals to the scope and purpose of mind-body (mindful) exercise.

Ralph La Forge, M.S., is a physiologist and managing director of the Duke Lipid Disorder and Disease Management Training Program at Duke University Medical Center, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition. He also is senior faculty for the Metabolic Syndrome Initiative for the U.S. Indian Health Service in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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