October 2011 - Volume 39 - Issue 4
pp: 161-219,e1-e5

The Mechanistic Connection Between the Trunk, Hip, Knee, and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

Hewett, Timothy E.; Myer, Gregory D.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 39(4):161-166, October 2011.

It Is Not About the Bike, It Is About the Pedaling: Forced Exercise and Parkinson's Disease

Alberts, Jay L.; Linder, Susan M.; Penko, Amanda L.; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 39(4):177-186, October 2011.

Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor: A Not So Sympathetic Regulator of Insulin Resistance?

Bell, Christopher

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 39(4):187-190, October 2011.

Type V Collagen Genotype and Exercise-Related Phenotype Relationships: A Novel Hypothesis

Collins, Malcolm; Posthumus, Michael

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 39(4):191-198, October 2011.

Role of p53 Within the Regulatory Network Controlling Muscle Mitochondrial Biogenesis

Saleem, Ayesha; Carter, Heather N.; Iqbal, Sobia; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 39(4):199-205, October 2011.

Postexercise Myogenic Gene Expression: Are Human Findings Lost During Translation?

Roberts, Michael D.; Dalbo, Vincent J.; Kerksick, Chad M.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 39(4):206-211, October 2011.

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