April 2017 - Volume 45 - Issue 2

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​ACSM’s 2017 Annual Meeting​ will be held in Denver (May 30-June 3) and will feature the World Congress on the Basic Science of Exercise and the Brain. Many of the presentations at the World Congress will discuss the role of exercise in maintaining a healthy nervous system and explain what is known about the adaptive capabilities of the brain. 

The April 2017 issue of Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews is available online now! The April issue of ESSR includes:
  • Perspectives for Progress – “Mitochondria Initiate and Regulate Sarcopenia” by Stephen E. Alway, Junaith S. Mohamed, and Matthew J. Myers, which is featured in the cover image, Mitochondrial-regulated sarcopenia.
    • Sarcopenia is characterized by fiber atrophy and loss of fibers. Mitochondria health determines death signaling leading to localized protein loss and, if unchecked, widespread loss of muscle fibers. 
  • Video Abstract and Journal Club features for the article “Joint Loading in Runners Does Not Initiate Knee Osteoarthritis” by author Ross H. Miller.
    • Why might the natural expectation be that runners would have a very high risk of developing knee osteoarthritis? Is it surprising to you that runners do not seem to have a high risk of this disease?
  • Three articles on the topic of cardiovascular function and exercise: sex differences in vascular adaptations; sedentary behavior and disease risk; and uncoupling of arterial-ventricular function. 
  • Two papers covering clinical issues: the athlete’s heart, and spinal pain.
Have your issue but want to see more? Articles with additional online-only content are indicated on the table of contents and on the first page of the article. Online-only content includes 

Roger M. Enoka, Ph.D.
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Current Issue Highlights

Mitochondria Initiate and Regulate Sarcopenia

Alway, Stephen E.; Mohamed, Junaith S.; Myers, Matthew J.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 45(2):58-69, April 2017.

Sedentary Behavior and Cardiovascular Disease Risk: Mediating Mechanisms

Carter, Sophie; Hartman, Yvonne; Holder, Sophie; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 45(2):80-86, April 2017.

Joint Loading in Runners Does Not Initiate Knee Osteoarthritis

Miller, Ross H.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 45(2):87-95, April 2017.

  • Video Abstract
    Journal Club