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From the Editor

Several of the Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews editorial board members, including myself, are busy preparing presentations for the 62st Annual Meeting, 6th World Congress on Exercise is Medicine® and World Congress on the Basic Science of Exercise Fatigue, which will be held May 26-30 in San Diego, CA. To register, download the advance program, or see the latest news for the Annual Meeting, visit the Web site.  

      • For the World Congress on the Basic Science of Exercise Fatigue, I will be presenting the Keynote “Translating Fatigue to Human Performance.”
      • ESSR Associate Editor Sandra Hunter will be presenting an invited talk on “Sex Differences in Fatigue”. 
      • New ESSR Associate Editor Monica Hubal will be presenting the Priscilla M. Clarkson Tutorial Lecture, named after late ESSR editor-in-chief Dr. Clarkson. The lecture will cover the topic “Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage: Molecular Mechanisms and Modifiers.”

Roger M. Enoka, Ph.D.

ESSR Editor-in-Chief



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View the article selected from the April 2015 issue and the accompanying questions: “A Simple Analogy for Nervous System Plasticity After Injury” by authors Karim Fouad, Juan Forero, and Caitlin Hurd.

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