January 2017 - Volume 45 - Issue 1

  • Roger M. Enoka, PhD
  • 0091-6331
  • 1538-3008
  • 4 issues / year
  • 11/83 in Physiology; 4/81 in Sports Science
  • 4.451

The January 2017 ​issue of Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews is available online now! This issue features the editor-in-chief editorial and articles and commentaries ranging in topic from biomechanics to intestinal health to behavior change. For a complete update on the Journal see the editor-in-chief editorial.
  ESSR publishes the following two types of reviews: 
  • The most common type of review requires authors to present a novel hypothesis that is derived from several of their peer-reviewed publications. Based on discussions with the editorial board, we have now decided to increase the reference limit from 35 to 50 citations for these reviews. 
  • In the other article type, Perspectives for Progress, senior investigators who are still active in research are invited to provide a synthesis of the current state in a particular field, identify gaps in knowledge, and suggest key questions that need to be addressed. The reference limit for these reviews is 150 citations.
On behalf of the Journal, I also thank the outgoing editorial board members who contributed to ESSR throughout their terms: Thomas J. Hawke, Kathy H. Myburgh, and Patricia A. Nixon. We also welcome to the editorial board the following individuals whose expertise in the ACSM categories is indicated in parenthesis: Susan V. Brooks (Skeletal Muscle, Bone, and Connective Tissue), Carol Garber (Clinical Exercise Physiology; Physical Activity/Health Promotion Interventions), Charlotte Suetta (Clinical Exercise Physiology; Skeletal Muscle, Bone, and Connective Tissue), Nancy I. Williams (Immunology, Genetics, and Endocrinology; Metabolism and Nutrition), and Inge Zijdewind (Athlete Care and Clinical Medicine; Biomechanics and Neural Control of Movement).

Roger M. Enoka, Ph.D.
ESSR Editor-in-Chief

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Current Issue Highlights

Intrinsic (Genetic) Aerobic Fitness Impacts Susceptibility for Metabolic Disease

Thyfault, John P.; Morris, E. Matthew

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 45(1):7-15, January 2017.

Mechanisms and Mediators of the Skeletal Muscle Repeated Bout Effect

Hyldahl, Robert D.; Chen, Trevor C.; Nosaka, Kazunori

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 45(1):24-33, January 2017.

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