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Articles cover the biomechanics of tissue factors in performance, athletic equipment and clothing, and gait analysis. From Volume 28 (2000) to the current issue.

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It Is Not About the Bike, It Is About the Pedaling: Forced Exercise and Parkinson's Disease

Alberts, Jay L.; Linder, Susan M.; Penko, Amanda L.; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 39(4):177-186, October 2011.

Biomechanics of Sport Concussion: Quest for the Elusive Injury Threshold

Guskiewicz, Kevin M.; Mihalik, Jason P.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 39(1):4-11, January 2011.

Forward Dynamics Simulations Provide Insight Into Muscle Mechanical Work During Human Locomotion

Neptune, Richard R.; McGowan, Craig P.; Kautz, Steven A.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 37(4):203-210, October 2009.

Biomechanics of Human Locomotion in Water: An Electomyographic Analysis

Masumoto, Kenji; Mercer, John A.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 36(3):160-169, July 2008.

Biomechanical, Microvascular, and Cellular Factors Promote Muscle and Bone Regeneration

Duda, Georg N.; Taylor, William R.; Winkler, Tobias; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 36(2):64-70, April 2008.

Neuromusculoskeletal Models Provide Insights into the Mechanisms and Rehabilitation of Hamstring Strains

Thelen, Darryl G.; Chumanov, Elizabeth S.; Sherry, Marc A.; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 34(3):135-141, July 2006.

Attentional and Biomechanical Deficits Interact After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

van Donkelaar, Paul; Osternig, Louis; Chou, Li-Shan

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 34(2):77-82, April 2006.

Open- or Closed-Kinetic Chain Exercises After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction?

Fleming, Braden C.; Oksendahl, Heidi; Beynnon, Bruce D.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 33(3):134-140, July 2005.

Energetic Consequences of Walking Like an Inverted Pendulum: Step-to-Step Transitions

Kuo, Arthur D.; Donelan, J Maxwell; Ruina, Andy

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 33(2):88-97, April 2005.

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