Behavioral Strategies
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Includes articles that cover the effects of behavioral strategies on exercise adherence, physical activity, training, and sports. From Volume 28 (2000) to the current issue.

Transformational Teaching and Physical Activity Engagement Among Adolescents

Beauchamp, Mark R.; Morton, Katie L.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 39(3):133-139, July 2011.

Advancing Physical Activity Theory: A Review and Future Directions

Rhodes, Ryan E.; Nigg, Claudio R.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 39(3):113-119, July 2011.

Too Much Sitting: The Population Health Science of Sedentary Behavior

Owen, Neville; Healy, Geneviève N.; Matthews, Charles E.; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 38(3):105-113, July 2010.

Protection Motivation Theory: Is This a Worthwhile Theory for Physical Activity Promotion?

Plotnikoff, Ronald C.; Trinh, Linda

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 38(2):91-98, April 2010.

Now See This: A New Vision of Exercise Imagery

Munroe-Chandler, Krista J.; Gammage, Kimberley L.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 33(4):201-205, October 2005.

Understanding Physical Activity Environmental Correlates: Increased Specificity for Ecological Models

Giles-Corti, Billie; Timperio, Anna; Bull, Fiona; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 33(4):175-181, October 2005.

Understanding the Mechanisms of Change in Children's Physical Activity Programs

Baranowski, Tom; Jago, Russell

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 33(4):163-168, October 2005.

A Multilevel Approach to Youth Physical Activity Research

Duncan, Susan C.; Duncan, Terry E.; Strycker, Lisa A.; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 32(3):95-99, July 2004.

The Future of Physical Activity Behavior Change Research: What Is Needed to Improve Translation of Research into Health Promotion Practice?

Dzewaltowski, David A.; Estabrooks, Paul A.; Glasgow, Russell E.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 32(2):57-63, April 2004.