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Articles cover topics regarding the integration of psychological and biological factors in physical activity. From Volume 28 (2000) to the current issue.

Influence of Peers and Friends on Overweight/Obese Youths’ Physical Activity

Salvy, Sarah-Jeanne; Bowker, Julie C.; Germeroth, Lisa; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(3):127-132, July 2012.

Measuring Motor Imagery Using Psychometric, Behavioral, and Psychophysiological Tools

Collet, Christian; Guillot, Aymeric; Lebon, Florent; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 39(2):85-92, April 2011.

The Built-In Environment: The Role of Personality and Physical Activity

Rhodes, Ryan E.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 34(2):83-88, April 2006.

In Osteoarthritis, the Psychosocial Benefits of Exercise Are as Important as Physiological Improvements

Hurley, Michael V.; Mitchell, Helene L.; Walsh, Nicki

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 31(3):138-143, July 2003.