Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine
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Articles cover the influences of exercise status as a risk factor in disease. From Volume 28 (2000) to the current issue.

Improving Self-Reports of Active and Sedentary Behaviors in Large Epidemiologic Studies

Matthews, Charles E.; Moore, Steven C.; George, Stephanie M.; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(3):118-126, July 2012.

Effects of Disability-Associated Low Energy Expenditure Deconditioning Syndrome

Rimmer, James H.; Schiller, William; Chen, Ming-De

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(1):22-29, January 2012.

Physical Activity and Dementia: The Need for Prevention Trials

Barnes, Deborah E.; Whitmer, Rachel A.; Yaffe, Kristine

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 35(1):24-29, January 2007.

Modest Exercise Prevents the Progressive Disease Associated with Physical Inactivity

Slentz, Cris A.; Houmard, Joseph A.; Kraus, William E.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 35(1):18-23, January 2007.

Randomized Controlled Trials of Physical Activity and Breast Cancer Prevention

Irwin, Melinda L.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 34(4):182-193, October 2006.

Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Women: How Much Is Good Enough?

Bassuk, Shari S.; Manson, JoAnn E.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 31(4):176-181, October 2003.