Motor Control
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Articles cover movement execution, motor unit selection, error correction, and motor programs. From Volume 28 (2000) to the current issue.

How Neurons Make Us Jump: The Neural Control of Stretch-Shortening Cycle Movements

Taube, Wolfgang; Leukel, Christian; Gollhofer, Albert

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(2):106-115, April 2012.

Deconstructing Neurobiological Coordination: The Role of the Biomechanics-Motor Control Nexus

Davids, Keith; Glazier, Paul

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 38(2):86-90, April 2010.

The Structure of Variability in Human Walking and Running is Speed-Dependent

Jordan, Kimberlee; Newell, Karl M.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 36(4):200-204, October 2008.

Does Startle Explain the Exaggerated First Response to a Transient Perturbation?

Siegmund, Gunter P.; Blouin, Jean-Sébastien; Inglis, J. Timothy

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 36(2):76-82, April 2008.

Central Contributions to Contractions Evoked by Tetanic Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

Collins, David F.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 35(3):102-109, July 2007.

Limits to Fast-Conducting Somatosensory Feedback in Movement Control

Brooke, John D.; Zehr, E Paul

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 34(1):22-28, January 2006.