October 2012 - Volume 40 - Issue 4
pp: 187-220,e1-e5

Effect of Statins on Skeletal Muscle: Exercise, Myopathy, and Muscle Outcomes

Parker, Beth A.; Thompson, Paul D.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(4):188-194, October 2012.

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Metabolic Dysfunction Under Reduced Estrogen Levels: Looking to Exercise for Prevention

Spangenburg, Espen E.; Wohlers, Lindsay M.; Valencia, Ana P.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(4):195-203, October 2012.

Severe Obesity: Evidence for a Deranged Metabolic Program in Skeletal Muscle?

Houmard, Joseph A.; Pories, Walter J.; Dohm, G. Lynis

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(4):204-210, October 2012.

A Dual Mechanism of Action for Skeletal Muscle FAT/CD36 During Exercise

Smith, Brennan K.; Bonen, Arend; Holloway, Graham P.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(4):211-217, October 2012.