July 2012 - Volume 40 - Issue 3
pp: 117-185

Improving Self-Reports of Active and Sedentary Behaviors in Large Epidemiologic Studies

Matthews, Charles E.; Moore, Steven C.; George, Stephanie M.; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(3):118-126, July 2012.

Influence of Peers and Friends on Overweight/Obese Youths’ Physical Activity

Salvy, Sarah-Jeanne; Bowker, Julie C.; Germeroth, Lisa; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(3):127-132, July 2012.

Cognitive Decline and Aging: The Role of Concussive and Subconcussive Impacts

Broglio, Steven P.; Eckner, James T.; Paulson, Henry L.; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(3):138-144, July 2012.

Enhanced External Counterpulsation for Ischemic Heart Disease: A Look Behind the Curtain

Braith, Randy W.; Casey, Darren P.; Beck, Darren T.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(3):145-152, July 2012.

Cerebrovascular Reserve: The Link Between Fitness and Cognitive Function?

Davenport, Margie H.; Hogan, David B.; Eskes, Gail A.; More

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(3):153-158, July 2012.

Exercise Training-Induced Regulation of Mitochondrial Quality

Yan, Zhen; Lira, Vitor A.; Greene, Nicholas P.

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews . 40(3):159-164, July 2012.

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