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Note from Editor-in-Chief William O. Roberts

The winter sports season is winding down for the high schools and colleges. The swish of the net replaced by the crack of the bat and the retort of the starter’s gun, as spring sports begin. The U.S. Nordic Ski Team placed two women on the podium in the 10K skate race at the World Championships in Sweden, the first time ever for US women in one of the distance races. The snow is melting fast here in Minnesota and the sky seems to have stopped dumping snow on New England. With the start of spring, we have added two new recurring columns starting with this issue: the CAQ Review with Editor John R. Hatzenbeuhler, MD and Clinical Pearls with Editor Kevin R. Vincent, MD, PhD. We hope you will find these columns useful for your day to day practice and your CAQ sports medicine board exams.

Although ice hockey season is winding down for most levels of play, the Special Communication, “Ice Hockey Summit II: Zero Tolerance for Head Hits and Fighting,” outlines some of the advances in concussion and a call for eliminating the fighting that has been tacitly condoned at some levels of the sport.

The March/April 2015 issue of Current Sports Medicine Reports is packed full of useful information and interesting reads covering a variety of topics in Chest and Abdominal Conditions and Environmental Conditions.  Chest and Abdominal Conditions Section Editor Sean T. Bryan, MD, has assembled a set of articles that will prove useful for patient care and exercise counseling. Check out this section to learn more about the implications for athletic participation of asymptomatic left ventricular noncompaction, the paradoxical effects of too little and too much exercise on the heart, and opposing views on bariatric surgery options to address the U.S. obesity epidemic. This section also includes an interesting case report about a collegiate swimmer who experiences vasovagal syncope during competition.  

Shawn F. Kane, MD, FACSM, serves as the section editor for the Environmental Conditions segment. You will not want to miss the informative articles from this topical area, which include exercise collapse associated with sickle cell trait, jet lag modification in sports medicine, and both pain control and whole blood transfusion in remote environments.

The Invited Commentary, by Margo Mountjoy, MD, FACSM, explores the topic of power abuse in sports. An uncomfortable topic that surfaces in the news on an all too regular basis. We owe it to our athletes to be alert for the problem that is not always easy to recognize and requires keen observations and questioning to uncover in many cases. Our Clinician Profile features Jon Patricios, MD, FACSM, a longtime member and friend of the College. Pearls and Pitfalls looks at pelvic pain from running, rhabdomyolysis from indoor cycling, and leukopenia in athletes. Scanning Sports Medicine reviews the latest research published by ACSM.

While you are waiting for the first robin siting, check out the iPad® app that connects you to CSMR and other ACSM journals, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/current-sports-medicine-reports/id615235657?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2.


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