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Note from Editor-in-Chief William O. Roberts

The summer Olympics are now in the past and the 2016 Paralympics are underway in Brazil. The competitions in Rio spawned some spectacular performances marred by a few athletes behaving badly. Zika virus did not seem to take a toll on athletes or spectators as it was not mosquito season in southern Brazil. Fall is around the corner here in the USA, and high school, college, and professional fall sports are underway. For many that means football, soccer, cross country, and volleyball are in full swing (at least in Minnesota). The fall sports preparticipation exams are behind us except for a few stragglers who are reporting late for the team and the early birds anticipating the winter sports seasons. We are excited to be publishing a Special Communication that addresses cardiovascular screening in athletes aimed at the primary care physician trying to sort the evidence for and against the use of an ECG in the context of preparticipation screening. Entitled “AMSSM Position Statement on Cardiovascular Preparticipation Screening in Athletes: Current Evidence, Knowledge Gaps, Recommendations and Future Directions,” the author group addresses the current evidence and knowledge gaps that physicians face for varying ages, abilities, and levels of play that moves away from a “universal” approach to all athletes of all ages.

This issue of Current Sports Medicine Reports (CSMR) addresses Extremity and Joint Conditions and Sport-Specific Illness and Injury with a wide array of topics that should pique the interest of every reader. The upper extremity and throwing sports are well represented in the CAQ Review and both sections featured in this issue.

The Extremity and Joint Conditions Section Editor Chad A. Asplund, MD, MPH, FACSM, has assembled a set of articles that will prove useful in your care of athletes. Check out this section to learn more about muscular calf injuries in runners, elbow issues in the young throwing athlete, and practical strategies to prevent exercise-related foot blisters. In this section, you’ll also want to read the case report featuring an unusual cause of hip pain in an elite weightlifter.

When exploring the Sport-Specific Illness and Injury segment recruited by Section Editor Craig C. Young, MD, FACSM, you will learn more about softball pitching and injury; the development and prevention of running-related osteoarthritis; and 2-D video analysis of youth and adolescent pitching biomechanics: a tool for the common athlete.

Pearls & Pitfalls looks at a product marketed to prevent muscle cramps using natural spices and fruit; does it really do what it claims? Scanning Sports Medicine covers the latest clinical research published by ACSM, and Web Alerts reviews several interesting Web sites. CAQ Review covers elbow injury in the throwing athlete and Clinical Pearls explains how to reduce an anterior shoulder dislocation on the sideline. Our Clinician Profile features Michael Fredericson, MD, FACSM, an active clinician member of ACSM since 1991 known worldwide for his expertise in running medicine.

I hope the topics covered in this edition will help you help your athletes and active patients perform at their peak, return to competition safely, and reduce their risk of injury.

Bill ​​

William O. Roberts, MD, MS, FACSM

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