May 2013 - Volume 88 - Issue 5
pp: 553-737
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Core Personal Competencies Important to Entering Students’ Success in Medical School: What Are They and How Could They Be Assessed Early in the Admission Process?

Koenig, Thomas W.; Parrish, Samuel K.; Terregino, Carol A.; More

Academic Medicine . 88(5):603-613, May 2013.

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The Great Diseases Project: A Partnership Between Tufts Medical School and the Boston Public Schools

Jacque, Berri; Malanson, Katherine; Bateman, Kathleen; More

Academic Medicine . 88(5):620-625, May 2013.

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Teaching Population Health: A Competency Map Approach to Education

Kaprielian, Victoria S.; Silberberg, Mina; McDonald, Mary Anne; More

Academic Medicine . 88(5):626-637, May 2013.

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