March 2000 - Volume 75 - Issue 3
pp: 215-313
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75 Years Ago


Research Reports

Caring for Medical Students as Patients: Access to Services and Care‐seeking Practices of 1,027 Students at Nine Medical Schools

Roberts, Laura Weiss; Warner, Teddy D.; Carter, Darren; More

Academic Medicine . 75(3):272-277, March 2000.

Obstacles to Promotion? Values of Women Faculty about Career Success and Recognition

Buckley, Lenore M.; Sanders, Karen; Shih, Margaret; More

Academic Medicine . 75(3):283-288, March 2000.


Measuring Contributions to the Research Mission of Medical Schools

Holmes, Edward W.; Burks, Thomas F.; Dzau, Victor; More

Academic Medicine . 75(3):304-313, March 2000.