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A Model for the Departmental Quality Management Infrastructure Within an Academic Health System

Mathews, Simon C.; Demski, Renee; Hooper, Jody E.; More

Academic Medicine . 92(5):608-613, May 2017.

Recruiting and Retaining Community-Based Preceptors: A Multicenter Qualitative Action Study of Pediatric Preceptors.

Beck Dallaghan, Gary L.; Alerte, Anton M.; Ryan, Michael S.; More

Academic Medicine ., Post Author Corrections: March 28, 2017

Learner, Patient, and Supervisor Features Are Associated With Different Types of Cognitive Load During Procedural Skills Training: Implications for Teaching and Instructional...

Sewell, Justin L.; Boscardin, Christy K.; Young, John Q.; More

Academic Medicine ., Post Author Corrections: April 25, 2017

The Reliability of Multisource Feedback in Competency-Based Assessment Programs: The Effects of Multiple Occasions and Assessor Groups

Moonen–van Loon, Joyce M.W.; Overeem, Karlijn; Govaerts, Marjan J.B.; More

Academic Medicine . 90(8):1093-1099, August 2015.

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