October 2017 - Volume 92 - Issue 10

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    School of Medicine
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AAMC Learn Serve Lead: Proceedings of the 55th Annual Research in Medical Education Sessions
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Conducting Research in Health Professions Education: From Idea to Publication
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Complex regional pain syndrome-up-to-date.

10/04/2017 by Birklein, Frank; Dimova, Violeta

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) was described for the first time in the 19th century by Silas Weir Mitchell. After the exclusion of other causes, CRPS is ...

Impact of patient information leaflets on pain medication intake behavior: a pilot study.

10/04/2017 by Schmitz, Julia; Kamping, Sandra; Wiegratz, Janine; Müller, Maike; Stork, Jan; Colloca, Luana; Flor, Herta; Klinger, Regine

Introduction: Patient information leaflets on pain medication primarily list side effects while positive effects and action mechanisms remain underrepresented. ...

Development of a risk stratification and prevention index for stratified care in chronic low back pain. Focus: yellow flags (MiSpEx network).

10/04/2017 by Wippert, Pia-Maria; Puschmann, Anne-Katrin; Drießlein, David; Arampatzis, Adamantios; Banzer, Winfried; Beck, Heidrun; Schiltenwolf, Marcus; Schmidt, Hendrik; Schneider, Christian; Mayer, Frank

Introduction: Chronic low back pain (LBP) is a major cause of disability; early diagnosis and stratification of care remain challenges. Objectives: This articl...

Checklist for the preparation and review of pain clinical trial publications: a pain-specific supplement to CONSORT.

10/04/2017 by Gewandter, Jennifer S.; Eisenach, James C.; Gross, Robert A.; Jensen, Mark P.; Keefe, Francis J.; Lee, David A.; Turk, Dennis C.

Introduction: Randomized clinical trials (RCTs) are considered the gold standard when assessing the efficacy of interventions because randomization of treatment...

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