Diversity and Inclusion
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Created:   9/13/2011
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This collection, developed in collaboration with the Association of American Medical Colleges' Group on Diversity and Inclusion, features articles and reports about diversity and inclusion in U.S. medical schools and teaching hospitals. The Group on Diversity and Inclusion has three national priorities: diversity and inclusion among faculty, among residents, and in professional development/institutional climate. This collection includes articles and reports that address all three of these priorities as well as diversity and includsion among medical students. Although this collection focuses primarily on new publications, selected past literature is included to provide an historical perspective.

How Medical School Applicant Race, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status Relate to Multiple Mini-Interview–Based Admissions Outcomes: Findings From One Medical School

Jerant, Anthony; Fancher, Tonya; Fenton, Joshua J.; More

Academic Medicine . 90(12):1667-1674, December 2015.

Racial and Ethnic Minority Medical Students’ Perceptions of and Interest in Careers in Academic Medicine

Sánchez, J.P.; Peters, Lutheria; Lee-Rey, Elizabeth; More

Academic Medicine . 88(9):1299-1307, September 2013.

Improving Diversity Through Strategic Planning: A 10-Year (2002–2012) Experience at the Medical University of South Carolina

Deas, Deborah; Pisano, Etta D.; Mainous, Arch G. III; More

Academic Medicine . 87(11):1548-1555, November 2012.

A Study of National Physician Organizations’ Efforts to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in the United States

Peek, Monica E.; Wilson, Shannon C.; Bussey-Jones, Jada; More

Academic Medicine . 87(6):694-700, June 2012.

Variables Associated With Full-Time Faculty Appointment Among Contemporary U.S. Medical School Graduates: Implications for Academic Medicine Workforce Diversity

Andriole, Dorothy A.; Jeffe, Donna B.; Hageman, Heather L.; More

Academic Medicine . 85(7):1250-1257, July 2010.