Quality and Safety
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Created:   12/29/2010
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This collection examines quality and safety as it is taught in medical schools and practiced in teaching hospitals. It includes articles about teaching quality and safety to learners, calls for increases in curricula that focus on quality and safety, and research reports providing the results of quality and safety initiatives.

A Multidisciplinary Housestaff-Led Initiative to Safely Reduce Daily Laboratory Testing

Iams, Wade; Heck, Josh; Kapp, Meghan; More

Academic Medicine . 91(6):813-820, June 2016.

Variability in Implementation of Interventions Aimed at Reducing Readmissions Among Patients With Heart Failure: A Survey of Teaching Hospitals

Vasilevskis, Eduard E.; Kripalani, Sunil; Ong, Michael K.; More

Academic Medicine . 91(4):522-529, April 2016.

Separating Residents’ Inpatient and Outpatient Responsibilities: Improving Patient Safety, Learning Environments, and Relationships With Continuity Patients

Bates, Carol K.; Yang, Julius; Huang, Grace; More

Academic Medicine . 91(1):60-64, January 2016.

Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, and Continuing Education: A Qualitative Study of the Current Boundaries and Opportunities for Collaboration Between These Domains

Kitto, Simon; Goldman, Joanne; Etchells, Edward; More

Academic Medicine . 90(2):240-245, February 2015.

Educational System Factors That Engage Resident Physicians in an Integrated Quality Improvement Curriculum at a VA Hospital: A Realist Evaluation

Ogrinc, Greg; Ercolano, Ellyn; Cohen, Emily S.; More

Academic Medicine . 89(10):1380-1385, October 2014.

Measuring Reflection on Participation in Quality Improvement Activities for Maintenance of Certification

Wittich, Christopher M.; Reed, Darcy A.; Ting, Henry H.; More

Academic Medicine . 89(10):1392-1397, October 2014.

Quality Improvement Education Incorporated as an Integral Part of Critical Care Fellows Training at the Mayo Clinic

Kashani, Kianoush B.; Ramar, Kannan; Farmer, J. Christopher; More

Academic Medicine . 89(10):1362-1365, October 2014.

Residents' Reflections on Quality Improvement: Temporal Stability and Associations With Preventability of Adverse Patient Events

Wittich, Christopher M.; Reed, Darcy A.; Drefahl, Monica M.; More

Academic Medicine . 86(6):737-741, June 2011.

Perspective: Autonomic Care Systems for Hospitalized Patients

Goldschmidt-Clermont, Pascal J.; Dong, Chunming; Rhodes, Nancy M.; More

Academic Medicine . 84(12):1727-1731, December 2009.

The Department of Veterans Affairs National Quality Scholars Fellowship Program: Experience From 10 Years of Training Quality Scholars

Splaine, Mark E.; Ogrinc, Greg; Gilman, Stuart C.; More

Academic Medicine . 84(12):1741-1748, December 2009.

Integrating Quality Improvement and Residency Education: Insights From the AIAMC National Initiative About the Roles of the Designated Institutional Official and Program Director

Jenson, Hal B.; Dorner, Douglas; Hinchey, Kevin; More

Academic Medicine . 84(12):1749-1756, December 2009.

Taking a Unified Approach to Teaching and Implementing Quality Improvements Across Multiple Residency Programs: The Atlantic Health Experience

Daniel, Donna M.; Casey, Donald E. Jr; Levine, Jeffrey L.; More

Academic Medicine . 84(12):1788-1795, December 2009.

Remediation of the Deficiencies of Physicians Across the Continuum From Medical School to Practice: A Thematic Review of the Literature

Hauer, Karen E.; Ciccone, Andrea; Henzel, Thomas R.; More

Academic Medicine . 84(12):1822-1832, December 2009.

Restructuring Within an Academic Health Center to Support Quality and Safety: The Development of the Center for Quality and Safety at the Massachusetts General Hospital

Bohmer, Richard M.J.; Bloom, Jonathan D.; Mort, Elizabeth A.; More

Academic Medicine . 84(12):1663-1671, December 2009.

Complying with ACGME Resident Duty Hours Restrictions: Restructuring the 80-Hour Workweek to Enhance Education and Patient Safety at Texas A&M/Scott & White Memorial Hospital

Ogden, Paul E.; Sibbitt, Stephen; Howell, Martha; More

Academic Medicine . 81(12):1026-1031, December 2006.

The Physician–Hospital Team: A Successful Approach To Improving Care in a Large Academic Medical Center

Feldman, Arthur M.; Weitz, Howard; Merli, Geno; More

Academic Medicine . 81(1):35-41, January 2006.