Population Health Education
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Created:   6/26/2009
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The AAMC, the IOM, and other national organizations recommend that all medical students receive training in population health, but how does academic medicine respond to this challenge? This on population health education examines efforts to train physicians who are well equipped to address issues of population health.

Medical Education for a Healthier Population: Reflections on the Flexner Report From a Public Health Perspective

Maeshiro, Rika; Johnson, Ian; Koo, Denise; More

Academic Medicine . 85(2):211-219, February 2010.

The Residency Program in Social Medicine of Montefiore Medical Center: 37 Years of Mission-Driven, Interdisciplinary Training in Primary Care, Population Health, and Social...

Strelnick, A H.; Swiderski, Debbie; Fornari, Alice; More

Academic Medicine . 83(4):378-389, April 2008.

Population Medicine in a Curricular Revision at Case Western Reserve

Ornt, Daniel B.; Aron, David C.; King, Nicholas B.; More

Academic Medicine . 83(4):327-331, April 2008.