Joining Forces
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Created:   2/24/2012
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This broad collection, developed in partnership with the iCollaborative in support of the Joining Forces Initiative, features articles and reports about military medicine and military medical education; about medicine and war; and about research and faculty issues at Veterans Affairs institutions. In addition, items in this collection address—both directly and indirectly—the needs of service men and women, veterans, and their families. Finally, this collection examines the intersection of health care and disasters, including recent items on terrorism, trauma, injury, disaster preparedness, and disaster response.

Effect of Financial Remuneration on Specialty Choice of Fourth-Year U.S. Medical Students

DeZee, Kent J.; Maurer, Douglas; Colt, Ross; More

Academic Medicine . 86(2):187-193, February 2011.

Military Medicine/Military Medical Education; Survey of medical students with DoD military service obligations

Studying the Effects of ACGME Duty Hours Limits on Resident Satisfaction: Results From VA Learners' Perceptions Survey

Kashner, T. Michael; Henley, Steven S.; Golden, Richard M.; More

Academic Medicine . 85(7):1130-1139, July 2010.

Military Medicine/Military Medical Education

Measuring the Intensity of Resident Supervision in the Department of Veterans Affairs: The Resident Supervision Index

Byrne, John M.; Kashner, Michael; Gilman, Stuart C.; More

Academic Medicine . 85(7):1171-1181, July 2010.

Military Medicine/Military Medical Education

Increasing the Ranks of Academic Researchers in Mental Health: A Multisite Approach to Postdoctoral Fellowship Training

O'Hara, Ruth; Cassidy-Eagle, Erin L.; Beaudreau, Sherry A.; More

Academic Medicine . 85(1):41-47, January 2010.

Research and Faculty Issues at VA Institutions

The Department of Veterans Affairs National Quality Scholars Fellowship Program: Experience From 10 Years of Training Quality Scholars

Splaine, Mark E.; Ogrinc, Greg; Gilman, Stuart C.; More

Academic Medicine . 84(12):1741-1748, December 2009.

Research and Faculty Issues at VA Institutions

Factors Determining Medical Students’ and Residents’ Satisfaction During VA-Based Training: Findings from the VA Learners’ Perceptions Survey

Cannon, Grant W.; Keitz, Sheri A.; Holland, Gloria J.; More

Academic Medicine . 83(6):611-620, June 2008.

Military Medicine/Military Medical Education

Survival and Recovery: Maintaining the Educational Mission of the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

DiCarlo, Richard P.; Hilton, Charles W.; Chauvin, Sheila W.; More

Academic Medicine . 82(8):745-756, August 2007.

The Intersection of Health Care and Disaster

Teaching Systems-Based Practice to Primary Care Physicians to Foster Routine Implementation of Evidence-Based Depression Care

Sherman, Scott E.; Fotiades, John; Rubenstein, Lisa V.; More

Academic Medicine . 82(2):168-175, February 2007.

Caring for Service Men and Women, Veterans, and their Families

The Veterans Affairs Learners’ Perceptions Survey: The Foundation for Educational Quality Improvement

Keitz, Sheri A.; Holland, Gloria J.; Melander, Evert H.; More

Academic Medicine . 78(9):910-917, September 2003.

Military Medicine/Military Medical Education