Contemporary Academic Health Centers: Structure, Organization, Challenges, and Changes
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Created:   6/26/2009
Contains:  71 items
Every academic health center (AHC) faces challenges unique to its own organization, community, and culture. This collection features from-the-trenches articles by AHC leaders describing some of their AHCs' most daunting challenges. From governance changes to research issues, physical relocation to financial renaissance, the collection offers a window into overcoming these challenges in pursuit of excellence in the tripartite mission of education, research, and patient care.

Changing the Culture of a Medical School by Orienting Students and Faculty Toward Community Medicine

Duffy, F. Daniel; Miller-Cribbs, Julie E.; Clancy, Gerard P.; More

Academic Medicine . 89(12):1630-1635, December 2014.

Development of an Interinstitutional Collaboration to Support Community-Partnered Research Addressing the Health of Emerging Latino Populations

Corbie-Smith, Giselle; Yaggy, Susan D.; Lyn, Michelle; More

Academic Medicine . 85(4):728-735, April 2010.

Defining the Role of University of Kentucky HealthCare in Its Medical Market—How Strategic Planning Creates the Intersection of Good Public Policy and Good Business Practices

Karpf, Michael; Lofgren, Richard; Bricker, Timothy; More

Academic Medicine . 84(2):161-169, February 2009.

The Relationship Between the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center—A Profile in Synergy

Levine, Arthur S.; Detre, Thomas P.; McDonald, Margaret C.; More

Academic Medicine . 83(9):816-826, September 2008.

Creating an Integrated Clinical Enterprise at the University of Kentucky: The Emergence of UK HealthCare

Karpf, Michael; Perman, Jay; Lofgren, Richard; More

Academic Medicine . 82(12):1163-1171, December 2007.