Faculty Affairs
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Created:   7/19/2011
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This collection, developed in collaboration with the Association of American Medical Colleges' Group on Faculty Affairs, features articles and reports published in Academic Medicine that are about issues important to faculty: development, mentoring, leadership, career tracks, and more.

Striving for Gender Equity in Academic Medicine Careers: A Call to Action

Bates, Carol; Gordon, Lynn; Travis, Elizabeth; More

Academic Medicine . 91(8):1050-1052, August 2016.

Considering Context in Academic Medicine: Differences in Demographic and Professional Characteristics and in Research Productivity and Advancement Metrics Across Seven Clinical...

Warner, Erica T.; Carapinha, René; Weber, Griffin M.; More

Academic Medicine . 90(8):1077-1083, August 2015.

Transforming Primary Care Residency Training: A Collaborative Faculty Development Initiative Among Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatric Residencies

Carney, Patricia A.; Eiff, M. Patrice; Green, Larry A.; More

Academic Medicine . 90(8):1054-1060, August 2015.

Discordance Between Resident and Faculty Perceptions of Resident Autonomy: Can Self-Determination Theory Help Interpret Differences and Guide Strategies for Bridging the Divide?

Biondi, Eric A.; Varade, William S.; Garfunkel, Lynn C.; More

Academic Medicine . 90(4):462-471, April 2015.

Evolution of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development Offices in U.S. Medical Schools: A 10-Year Follow-up Survey

Sonnino, Roberta E.; Reznik, Vivian; Thorndyke, Luanne A.; More

Academic Medicine . 88(9):1368-1375, September 2013.

A Standards-Based, Peer-Reviewed Teaching Award to Enhance a Medical School’s Teaching Environment and Inform the Promotions Process

Searle, Nancy S.; Teal, Cayla R.; Richards, Boyd F.; More

Academic Medicine . 87(7):870-876, July 2012.

“Teaching as a Competency”: Competencies for Medical Educators

Srinivasan, Malathi; Li, Su-Ting T.; Meyers, Fredrick J.; More

Academic Medicine . 86(10):1211-1220, October 2011.

Rethinking CME: An Imperative for Academic Medicine and Faculty Development

Davis, David A.; Prescott, John; Fordis, C. Michael Jr.; More

Academic Medicine . 86(4):468-473, April 2011.

Variables Associated With Full-Time Faculty Appointment Among Contemporary U.S. Medical School Graduates: Implications for Academic Medicine Workforce Diversity

Andriole, Dorothy A.; Jeffe, Donna B.; Hageman, Heather L.; More

Academic Medicine . 85(7):1250-1257, July 2010.