International Medical Education and Collaborations
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Created:   2/5/2010
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As our world becomes more accessible, we have many new opportunities to expand our missions of education, research, and clinical care worldwide. This collection explores international health initiatives and partnerships, which are becoming more and more prominent in our ever-smaller world.

Creating a Charter of Collaboration for International University Partnerships: The Elmina Declaration for Human Resources for Health

Anderson, Frank; Donkor, Peter; de Vries, Raymond; More

Academic Medicine . 89(8):1125-1132, August 2014.

Enhancing Formal Educational and In-Service Training Programs in Rural Rwanda: A Partnership Among the Public Sector, a Nongovernmental Organization, and Academia

Cancedda, Corrado; Farmer, Paul E.; Kyamanywa, Patrick; More

Academic Medicine . 89(8):1117-1124, August 2014.

Gathering Evidence of External Validity for the Foundations of Medicine Examination: A Collaboration Between the National Board of Medical Examiners and the University of Minho

Winward, Marcia L.; De Champlain, André F.; Grabovsky, Irina; More

Academic Medicine . 84(10):S116-S119, October 2009.

Education Research at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Maastricht: Fostering the Interrelationship between Professional and Education Practice

van der Vleuten, Cees P. M.; Dolmans, Diana H. J. M.; de Grave, Willem S.; More

Academic Medicine . 79(10):990-996, October 2004.

Assessing Medical Students' Clinical Sciences Knowledge in France: A Collaboration between the NBME and a Consortium of French Medical Schools

De Champlain, André F.; Melnick, Donald; Scoles, Peter; More

Academic Medicine . 78(5):509-517, May 2003.