Learning Environment and Its Effect on Learner Wellness and Resilience
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Created:   8/26/2015
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This collection features articles and reports focused on residents’ and students’ experiences during medical school and residency, especially in regard to how the learning environment affects learner wellness.

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Relationship of Pass/Fail Grading and Curriculum Structure With Well-Being Among Preclinical Medical Students: A Multi-Institutional Study

Reed, Darcy A.; Shanafelt, Tait D.; Satele, Daniel W.; More

Academic Medicine . 86(11):1367-1373, November 2011.

Resilience in the Third Year of Medical School: A Prospective Study of the Associations Between Stressful Events Occurring During Clinical Rotations and Student Well-Being

Haglund, Margaret E.M.; aan het Rot, Marije; Cooper, Nicole S.; More

Academic Medicine . 84(2):258-268, February 2009.

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