Building a Global, Online Community of Practice: The OPENPediatrics World Shared Practices Video Series.

Wolbrink, Traci A. MD, MPH; Kissoon, Niranjan MD; Mirza, Nabila MPH; Burns, Jeffrey P. MD, MPH
doi: 10.1097/ACM.0000000000001467
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Problem: Health care professionals are familiar with engaging in local communities of practice (CoPs) within their hospital, region, and/or country, but despite the availability of online technologies that facilitate online global collaboration, the health care sector has yet to fully embrace these tools.

Approach: In 2013, OPENPediatrics (an online social learning platform) launched the World Shared Practices video (WSP) series to engage and coalesce the global community of critical care clinicians. Each month, a 30- to 45-minute video featuring a pediatric critical care medicine expert, interspersed with questions for the audience, is released. Viewers contribute to the community discussion by leaving comments that display alongside the video. Clinicians are encouraged to asynchronously host an educational conference so they can watch the videos and participate in the discussion together.

Outcomes: From March 2013-November 2015, 28 WSPs were launched on a variety of topics. They were viewed over 18,414 times by 1,864 viewers in 132 countries and 760 hospitals; 1,155 comments were submitted. Attending physicians/consultants were the largest audience (36% [671/1,864]), and 37% (30/81) of responding viewers that commented in WSPs watched in small groups. The WSP series was reported to add value to respondents' learning or teaching and to have had a positive impact on their knowledge or practice.

Next Steps: Future research will focus on further describing the context and structure of the CoP and on more deeply investigating its higher-level outcomes and impact. More work is needed to identify barriers and strategies that improve online community engagement.

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