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The April 1, 2016 issue offers often undiscussed topics to spark your deep thought. Boucek’s case report considers the anesthetic management of a patient with diffuse metastatic cancer for palliative surgery. An accompanying Editorial, “Futility and the Alluring Fantasy of Avoiding Conflict” by medical ethicist, Feudtner provides you food for thought about how you might cope with the request to provide anesthesia care for a patient with futile medical issues. Hadler and colleagues present a case report, “Advance Directives and Operating: Room for Improvement?” noting that physicians have a way to go with this ethical consideration. Jacobs’ accompanying Editorial, “Perioperative Do Not Resuscitate Orders: Opportunity Knocks,” like Feudtner’s Editorial, asks us to reflect on how clear we are about when resuscitation should be a part of perioperative care.

The April 15, 2016 issue includes a variety of clinical management case reports. They are all important as exampled by two. Cardonell and colleagues describe the anesthetic management challenges presented by an obstetric patient requiring emergent surgery for suspected uterine rupture. The confounding co-morbidity was the patient’s diabetic ketoacidosis. In the case report by Tan and colleagues, an unusual pulmonary problem, alveolar proteinosis, was treated with whole lung lavage. The authors describe the challenges of assuring adequate oxygenation during the anesthetic management of this patient.

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