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The February 1, 2016 issue considers clinical care topics including thoracic paravertebral blocks, a congenital facial teratoma compromising the airway of an infant, anesthesia for a palliative shunt to treat a child with pulmonary hypertension, difficult airway management of a pediatric patient with a retropharyngeal and mediastinal abscess and a perioperative services report about resident communication skills when interacting with patients. A very relevant clinical care case report describes unanticipated hypoglycemia in a patient for whom vocal cord injection was performed. This case and its accompanying Editorial remind us that collaborative communication among those on the OR team is essential and had it occurred in this case, the insulin bath used for the lipo-injected tissue would have been anticipated and its potential morbidity recognized and management proactively.

The February 15, 2016 issue considers clinical care topics including endotracheal intubation trauma from a stylet, tracheo-gastric fistula after esophagectomy, morbidity associated with use of a supraglottic airway and complications from peripherally placed central venous catheters. Two Education case reports focus on core anesthesiology resident academic projects and plagiarism identified in the application process.

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