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The May 1, 2016 issue offers 8 case reports considering airway simulation, complex regional pain syndrome, epidural abscess, anesthesia care in states that have opted out of the United States federal requirement that physicians supervise nurse-administered anesthesia, ophthalmologic morbidity after neonatal anesthesia and emergence airway management. Two additional case reports are of particular interest. Khemka and colleagues describe their combined use of the Pecs-I and Serratus anterior plane blocks for intra- and postoperative analgesia for a patient undergoing breast reconstructive surgery. They highlight that ultrasound has enabled effective visualization of neuromuscular structures so that targeted nerve blocks can be accomplished and excellent patient analgesia provided. Epstein and colleagues provide an education case report that reconsiders how anesthesiologists deal with patient reports of penicillin allergy. They question cross reactivity with other antibiotics and which of these medications to administer safely to patients.

The May 15, 2016 issue offers 9 case reports considering ventilation difficulty, hypotension produced by administration of 50% dextrose, the Glide-Rite® intubation stylet, chronic pain in a pediatric patient, paracorporeal lung assist and heart transplant for a child with severe pulmonary hypertension, objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) assessment of anesthesiology resident skills and use of mobile devices to locate anesthesiologists. Two additional case reports are of particular interest. Sadeghpour and colleagues discuss the often-neglected topic of patient positioning. Their case report describes ischemia-induced epidermal necrosis from restrictive padding of a cardiac surgical patient. Brodsky and colleagues present a case report where a patient with Wegener’s granulomatosis was thought to have asthma when in fact the primary disease mistakenly mimicked this symptom complex.​

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