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Editor-in-Chief: Mary Fran Tracy, RN, PhD, CCNS, FAAN
ISSN: 1559-7768
Online ISSN: 1559-7776
Frequency: 4 issues / year
From the Editor


I recently saw a Charlie Rose interview with Yair Lapid, the Israeli Minister of Finance, and was particularly intrigued with one of the Minister’s statements.  Lapid was a well-known journalist/columnist in Israel prior to his very recent venture into politics in 2012.  The comment he made that immediately caught my attention?  “I had so many more opinions when I didn’t know the facts.”

Upon hearing this statement, I immediately thought of healthcare – both at the national level as well as in the intensive care units I practice in on a daily basis.  Do you ever find yourself or others jumping to conclusions or questioning others’ judgments based on what is likely limited information or perspective?  It is easy for each of us to be so committed to the patients we are caring for or to the projects and improvements we are engaged in that we question why colleagues would make decisions different than our own.  We forget to take the time to truly ask our colleagues for their perspective or information they have that may contribute to the situation.  Seeking information, seeking others’ perspectives, truly communicating can seem like a luxury we cannot afford in today’s time-pressured environments. 

However. as long as we continue to develop opinions and perspectives on inadequate knowledge of all the facts, we minimally risk making decisions that waste time and money making “improvements” that are in reality taking us down the path of inadequate or wrong solutions.  At worst, we risk harming our patients. 

As hard as it can be, when we form an immediate negative reaction or opinion to another’s statement or perspective or when we are confused at how colleagues can possibly be making the decisions they are, I encourage each of us to take a pause, put our opinions on hold, and make a true attempt to seek facts from others.  It is only through true communication and teamwork that we can optimally serve our patients. 

Mary Fran Tracy, RN, PhD, CCNS




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We would like to acknowledge our appreciation to the following 2013 manuscript reviewers. These experts provided an invaluable service to the journal and to the profession of nursing by allowing us to ensure quality manuscripts are published. We thank you for your time and expertise to Advanced Critical Care.

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